The 5-themes explored in this course...

Feel: Constant pressure causes traumatic stress. We share some insights from somatic psychotherapy in this module to support the healthy discharge of troubling emotions.

Explore: Cut through the noise to find or review your relationship with your deeper needs and values.

Connect: Extended lockdowns mean there is a need to find better ways of having difficult conversations in order to avoid generating even more stress through personal conflict. We introduce some practical tips to enliven connection.

Express: Authentic expression in safe ways is key to living a meaningful life. Two of the biggest points of resistance are inner criticism and self-sabotage. We offer some practical tools to move through their resistance.

Grow: In nature there is a natural cycle of expansion and contraction, tides, seasons and even the shape of a human life. We offer some practical tools to support the synchronisation of your personal intentions with nature, which brings about integration at both physiological and deeply emotional levels.

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Lockdown: From Survive to Thrive

We prepared this as a gift to anyone struggling during lockdowns. We have tried to make the content as accessible as possible but have engineered it with real depth.

From Survive to Thrive has 15 videos that are a maximum of 5-minutes; most are around the 3.5-minute mark. This course consists of 5-modules, each with a booklet containing some practical exercises. It should take anywhere from about half an hour (if you only watch the videos) upward to complete - it depends on how deep you go into the material.

This course applies to anyone who is English speaking and open to seeing things a little differently.